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Max Polyakov Was Accepted As Companion of Honour by FAI

This year during one week from 22 till 28 of October Switzerland became a meeting place for everyone from all over the world who is involved in air sports events. The #111 World Air Sports Federation General Conference gathered together important delegates, partners, and leaders in Lausanne for seven days in order to determine the direction of the federation for the coming year. As FAI’s global technical associate, Max Polyakov’s Noosphere Ventures also attended this event.

The GC week was full of different events including FAI Executive Board Meeting, Committee Presidents' Group Sessions, FAI discussions and workshops, General sessions, FAI’s Honor Ceremony, and sociable activities.

At the discussions attendees learned something new about recent developments in air sports, drone invasion, policies against doping, and IT maintenance from professionals in air sports. For example, some of the speakers were Erich Wolf from Red Bull Air Race, Deputy Ambassador of Egypt to Switzerland Magdi El Derini (host of next year’s Conference), and Yuriy Letser from Noosphere Ventures, managed by Mr. Polyakov. He presented a new eNavigator system (“e” means electronic and event). The tool provides an event management solution of a full cycle. It now means that organizers of different events have a key for everything that they need in order to organize an sports event starting from creating a website, contacting with players to tracking the results.

Having concluded the discussions and subsequent voting of the delegates at GC, the following two decisions were accepted. The first one was related to the venue of the 1st FAI World Drone Racing Championships. It was decided that it will take place in Shenzhen, China in the first half of November 2018. With the second decision we found out that Marrakech, Morocco became the host city of the 113th FAI General Conference in 2019.

But for Noosphere Ventures the most significant GC part became the FAI’s Honor Ceremony. At this ceremony executing associate of Noosphere Ventures Max Polyakov was proposed by Frits Brink, President of FAI, and approved by the GC’s board, as the FAI Companion of Honour for outstanding work performed for the FAI. As Mr. Polyakov said it was a great pleasure for him to become the FAI Companion of Honour.

This award allows Max Polyakov to visit every FAI’s GC, which is usually not open to the wide public, and to cooperate with world air sports leaders in order to work even more on the improvement of the air sports field in the future.

About four years ago Noosphere with the World Air Sports Federation started to work together on air sports’ development. In 2015, Noosphere was responsible for holding the FAI European Championship for Space Models. In 2016, Noosphere organized the FAI World Championship for Space Models. This year Max’s Polyakov Noosphere Ventures turn into FAI’s global technical associate, and Association Noosphere hosted student hackathon “Best Deviсe for FAI” in May as well as the World Cup stage of drone racing in the F3U class in September.

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